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2021 VBA Webinar Series: Capital Structure Optimization

November 05, 2020
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST

Natasha Morales
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What is the ideal financing mix for a company? How can a company achieve an optimal balance between leverage and return from a market investor’s perspective? Join BDO’s Valuation & Business Analytics practice for a comprehensive approach that involves the consideration of a firm’s dynamic cost of capital and credit quality, all while analyzing current capital market conditions. The discussion will cover best practices in assessing the impacts of various debt levels on a company’s operating cash flows, capital constrains, and strategic options available with each leverage scenario.
Discussion topics include:
  • Comprehensive analytical framework for capital structure optimization:
    • Financial Soundness Assessment: Assessment of the financial viability and flexibility associated with anticipated transactions and/or capital plans by modeling out the investment and cash flow metrics associated with various scenarios
    • Credit Analytics: Overview of quantitative methods employed to estimate synthetic credit ratings and develop credit quality assessments given certain hypothetical scenarios
    • Capital Market Diagnosis: Discussion on in-depth capital market analyses to help companies understand prevailing funding costs, investors availability, and comparable primary and secondary market transactions
    • Capital Structure Optimization: Considerations associated with the design of an optimal capital structure as part of the support for a company’s growth profile
    • Financing Structure / Deal Advisory: Negotiations of deal terms and financing structures during the transaction planning and execution process leveraging the analyses performed as part of the capital structure optimization process
  • Benefits associated with an optimal capital structure as part of the firm’s value creation strategy

Manny Ngan

Valuation & Business Analytics
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