Data Shows Nonprofits are Optimistic for 2022: Benchmark Yourself Against Industry Peers

Over the past 18 months, the nonprofit industry has felt an accordion effect of pressures stemming from COVID-19 and its related impacts. Inevitably, there were varied experiences for organizations across sectors, from surges in demand to canceled events, diversified revenues to losses in donations, discontinued programs to fundraising changes and more. Even still, nonprofits rose to the occasion and provided critical resources to communities in need, turning crisis into opportunity.
Nonprofit Standards, the BDO Institute for Nonprofit Excellence’s annual benchmarking survey, takes a deep dive into how organizations are emerging from a tumultuous year. Now in its fifth year, this year’s report includes separate snapshot reports specific to revenue earnings, health and human services organizations, education organizations, grantmakers and public charities.
To arm your organization with data-backed insights and drive your mission forward, explore the reports.

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