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Welcome to the exclusive portal for BDO Campus Ambassadors


After extending you an offer with BDO, we have further identified you to represent BDO at your university for the remainder of your education. Thank you for volunteering to participate in campus recruiting efforts as a BDO Ambassador.

The Ambassador role is a volunteer opportunity to assist the recruiting team with branding and virtually promoting the firm amongst your college community and social network.  As a BDO Campus Ambassador, you will act as a liaison between BDO and the faculty, staff and students at your school to ensure that BDO stays well connected to the accounting program there. You will share with your peers why BDO is your firm of choice and, at the same time, continue to build your professional networks within the accounting industry.

Please take some time to explore the BDO Campus Ambassador portal and let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this opportunity.

BDO Campus Ambassador Role

The BDO Campus Ambassador program is for successful interns who have accepted full time or second internship offers with BDO. Ambassadors act as representatives for BDO on their college campuses as they finish their education, while at the same time building their professional networks within the accounting industry. 

*Please note: the examples below under 'Represent BDO' and 'Network' are suggestions on how to get involved, but are not required.  

Eligibility Icon


Candidates must have the following qualifications:

  • Completed a BDO internship and accepted a full time or second internship offer
  • Have a minimum of 6 months left until graduation
  • Complete Ambassador virtual training

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Represent BDO within your college community and social network for the duration of at least one recruiting season (fall and/or spring). Be the “eyes and ears” at your campus to share changes in the accounting program or campus updates that may affect our recruiting efforts.

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Represent BDO

  • Attend and represent BDO during scheduled events and presentations whether they be in person or virtual
  • This includes BDO Ambassador Panel Sessions
  • Refer students from your university that are interested in exploring BDO opportunities to your campus recruiter

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  • Connect the Campus Recruiter to key faculty & student organizations
  • Follow Campus Recruiters on LinkedIn, and like and/or share relevant posts to your network
  • Follow BDO on Social Media (such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), and like and/or share relevant posts to your network
  • Use your virtual BDO Business Card

Firm Information

For information on the following frequently asked questions, please visit the link below or ask your Campus Recruiter.

Get to Know BDO Culture, Development & Rewards

Yes, Becker or your choice of vendor. 

You can learn more about BDO's commitment to Diversity & Inclusion at the link listed below:

You can learn more about BDO’s commitment to corporate responsibility at the link below:

You can learn more about global mobility at BDO at the link below:

We Have Additional FAQs Available.

What to Talk About at Recruiting Events


  • What do you know about BDO so far?  What else can I tell you about BDO?
    • Discuss: your story about how we Help People Thrive, Every Day, our large firm resources with a, local firm “feel,” working in small teams, and professional development opportunities
  • What interests you about accounting?
    • Discuss:  your accounting experience at BDO
  • Why did you choose your school?
    • Discuss:  your similar student experiences
  • What has been your favorite class in school?
    • Discuss:  similar classes you have taken (doesn’t have to be accounting)
  • Do you have a favorite professor? What makes him/her your favorite?
    • Discuss:  your student experience, and also mention your BDO mentors and career advisors
  • What do you like to do outside of the classroom?
    • Discuss:  your student experience, team involvement and BDO events outside of the office
  • I see that you’re minoring in Art History.  What interests you about that area?
    • Discuss:  your student experience
  • What are you looking for in a future employer?
    • Discuss:  BDO is the best of both worlds (Global resource specialization of large firm with proximity to keep client relationships loyal of a small firm), flexibility, attention/responsiveness of senior professionals, and the focus on career development with mentors, and career advisors
  • Do you have any questions about the recruiting process?
    • Explain: Everyone must apply to and potentially will need to apply through their Career Center website or Yello. If selected, the next step in the process will be to interview with the team(virtually or in person).   
  • What are your goals towards taking the CPA exam?
    • Discuss: BDO provides CPA exam bonuses and coverage for exam expenses
      • Offered to anyone who accepts full-time offer and can take advantage before starting full-time
  • What about BDO most interests you?
    • Discuss: Your decision to come to BDO, activities, involvement of offices, company culture

  • Why did you choose BDO?
    • Discuss: your experience at BDO
      • Highlight why you were chosen to be a BDO ambassador
  • What is a typical day like as an intern?
    • Discuss: the clients work with, your team, and the low ratio of associate/interns to managers, and that partners know your name – not a #
  • What was your virtual experience like as an intern?
    • Busy season interns discuss: the clients that you work with, our office culture, and BDO’s adaptability to quickly transition from office to a work-from-home environment
    • Summer 2020 interns discuss: virtual training and internship engagement sessions with teams, BDO’s flexibility to work from home while offices were closed, and the clients that you work with
  • What is the most interesting client you’ve worked on?
    • Discuss: client projects while explaining the type of business and work you did
      • When discussing client work please ensure to follow BDO’s disclosure policy.  If you cannot discuss the name of the client, you can use type of client (ie I got to work on a financial services client)
  • What type of training opportunities are there for new hires?
    • Discuss: “On the job” training, internship portal, national/regional/local virtual or in-house training, and online training to develop and fine tune skills
  • What type of hours should I expect?
    • Discuss: Hours while mentioning the difference between busy season and slow season and that the type of client and services will determine the amount of hours
  • Why do people leave BDO?
    • Refer to a BDO manager or Campus Recruiter to help answer this question
  • What do you think the future entails for BDO?
    • Discuss: Our CEO’s vision of Transformation, Synergy and Excellence.  We’ve doubled in size in the last 5 years, plan to be a 2 billion dollar firm.  BDO International brand and opportunities to go abroad as a professional
  • What can BDO do for me?
    • Discuss: professional development opportunities, training, flex, women’s initiative, career advisors, and buddy program 
  • What are some major differences between the Big 4 and BDO?
    • Discuss: Tell your story about the people you’ve worked with and your experience feeling comfortable and supported in your career.
  • What makes BDO stand out against the Big 4 and against other mid-tier firms?
    • Discuss:  Your experience during your internship and how BDO stood out to you
  • What social opportunities are there within the offices?  Any community service?
    • Discuss:  BDO Counts events, social activities, Women’s Initiative events, and involvement in campus recruiting.
  • What were some of your biggest challenges in transitioning from school to work?
    • Can discuss the change in schedule (common hours), dress code, working with clients expectations and demands, effective communication among peers and senior professionals
  • What sort of international opportunities will I have within my first year? First 5 years?
    • BDO offers a secondment program (REFER to Student FAQs), where eligible professionals can work at a BDO member firm in another country for short or long term secondment.
  • What is the typical timeframe to manager?  Partner? 
    • It will always depend on the business need for an additional manager or partner. On average to reach manager level it is typically 5 years and a partner can take approximately 10+ years
  • What can I do to stand out amongst my peers?
    • Come to events hosted by BDO and meet as many people from the firm as you can. This will show your interest and give you more insight into working with the firm
  • What is busy season really like?
    • Share your experience as an intern.  Be realistic, while mentioning the difference between busy season and slow season. Type of client and services will determine the amount of hours. Again, while they work longer hours during busy season, they still tend to work less hours than counterparts at other firms
  • What is the average starting salary?
    • Refer to the student to the Campus Recruiting Manager. Your salary information should be handled confidentially.  It’s not recommended you disclose your starting salary.
  • Do you hire international students?
    • Refer students to the Campus Recruiter.  For entry level positions, we require students to be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Do you hire non-accounting majors?
    • It depends on the position.  Requirements will be listed in the job description.

If a student volunteers any of the information below, you can acknowledge but don’t ask about it!!

  • When/where were you born?
  • What is your nationality/origin of your name?
  • Is English your first language?
  • How old are you?
  • Do you have children?
  • What is your religion?
  • Did you get a scholarship?
  • Do you still owe money on your student loans?
  • Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, are you married?
  • Do you have a car to drive to client sites?

Hear From Previous BDO Campus Ambassadors

Ryan Erickson

University of California – Santa Barbara

"Congrats on joining the BDO Ambassador team! Be available to talk with students outside of recruiting events as this one-on-one time can be very valuable." 

Stefon Faison

University of Arizona

“Being a BDO Campus Ambassador gave me the opportunity to learn more about BDO while networking with incoming interns. Now I will already be familiar with the interns in my office when I become an associate.” 

Rachel Gorski

Marquette University

"Sharing your passion and personal experiences is key to being an ambassador and allows BDO to attract talent that fits perfectly within the company. So don't be afraid to reach out, tell your story, and any advice you have picked up along the way. Welcome aboard new BDO Ambassadors!" 

Jeehye Kim

Baruch College

“Congratulations on being selected to join the program! BDO family welcomes you and encourages you to socialize with prospective students to learn more about what it means to be a team member!” 

Madison Land

Virginia Commonwealth University

"Congratulations on your selection into the BDO Ambassador program! Share your experience as a BDO intern and encourage students to attend BDO webinars and other networking events to better understand BDO's culture and people." 

Tracy Mai

Baruch College

“Welcome new ambassadors! Congratulations on being selected as part of the ambassador family! Don’t hesitate to share all your internship experience with the prospective students. They love to know everything about our internship.”


Students Who Know Podcast

Students Who Know is a podcast series for college students seeking a career in public accounting. Each episode features recruiters in conversation with BDO interns, employees or leaders on topics including the recruiting process, what it’s like to work at BDO and career readiness. The podcast is for educational purposes and unrelated to BDO job openings. 

Social Media Shares

Be proud of your achievements! Share with your networks the next step in your career.

Click the links below to download an image and use it to make a post on your LinkedIn profile. We've also included a few general BDO USA career images that you can share on social media to promote a career or internship at BDO USA throughout your time as a BDO Ambassador.

Option 1 - BDO Campus Ambassador

Option 2 - BDO Campus Ambassador

Suggested Social Share Copy:

BDO knows that tomorrow’s leaders are embarking on their career journeys today. That is why I am thrilled to announce that I have been named an official Campus Ambassador for BDO USA. I can’t wait to talk to you about BDO and your career aspirations at on-campus events this Fall! #CampusAmbassador #Careers

Option 1 – I’ve Completed My Internship with BDO USA

Option 2 – I’ve Completed My Internship with BDO USA

Suggested Social Share Copy:

When creating your message, be sure to include your role at BDO and choose one or more of the following topics to write about:

  • Your favorite part of the internship
  • Something you learned that you’ll take with you in your next endeavor
  • A time you felt proud during your internship
  • Someone who had an impact on you (please tag them in your post)

Our Core Values


People First

We before me. Care. Earn trust and be trusting. Be respectful.


Embrace Change 

Move to improve. Be forward thinking. Lead the way. Grow and help others grow.


Choose Accountability

Do what you say you'll do. Take personal responsibility. Be humble. Mind the bottom line.


Exceptional Every Day, Every Way

Model excellence. Have integrity. Be a true professional. Everyone is a client.


Empowerment Through Knowledge

Be curious. Listen intently. Be direct. Share what you know.