• Sales & Use Tax

    Minimize overall tax burden while ensuring compliance.

Remain compliant, understand exposure and mitigate risk.

Sales and use tax laws are complicated. Forty-five states and thousands of local jurisdictions impose sales and use taxes, many with conflicting positions about which has regulatory authority and how much is owed. Factor in a crisis-related increase in online sales and business activity, and economic nexus standards and marketplace facilitator laws resulting from the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision, and a complicated issue can turn into a serious compliance problem. 
Many state and local authorities actively conduct sales and use tax audits of out-of-state businesses to recover lost revenue from in-state buyers. Businesses must understand their sales tax exposure, mitigate risk and past exposure, and establish processes and systems to ensure ongoing compliance.
BDO’s nationwide network of sales and use tax professionals draw on a range of backgrounds and work experience beyond public accounting to address these compliance issues. Many are former sales and use tax auditors from state tax departments or have worked in some of the largest multistate tax departments in the country. Our government and industry experience informs the technical support, practical advice and uniquely tailored services we provide to each client. These services include:
  • Sales tax automation
  • Audit representation
  • General consulting, including research and planning
  • Product and service taxability review, including exemption certificate management
  • Reverse sales and use tax audits
  • Sales and use tax compliance outsourcing
  • Sales and use tax nexus review
  • Sales and use tax training
  • Voluntary and amnesty disclosure registration