Income, Franchise and Gross Receipts Tax

Overcome state income and franchise tax challenges.

Lower your tax burden. Manage compliance.

State income and franchise tax authorities are becoming more proactive and increasing the number and scale of their audits, while state legislatures are constantly amending laws that are difficult to comprehend — all of which puts more pressure on tax teams. 

BDO’s partner-led practice includes professionals with extensive consulting experience within a public accounting environment, former industry professionals, and auditors from state tax departments — all dedicated tax professionals who bring deep experience with state and local tax statutes and regulations. We help you take advantage of all available deductions, apportionment methods, filing options and credits, while navigating the nuances of income, franchise and gross receipts tax policy.  

We work with your team to prepare annual state returns, assist with state and local audits and meet the demands of evolving tax policy. 

How BDO Can Help


Stay in Compliance

Help ensure compliance with all applicable state and local tax statutes and regulations.


Identify Refunds

Take advantage of all available refunds on your state and local tax filings.


Uncover Tax Savings

Take advantage of all available deductions, apportionment methods, filing options and credits to reduce your overall tax burden. 


Navigate Audits

Navigate the audit process and negotiate with auditors to achieve a more favorable outcome.  

State Income Tax Refund Claims

  • Identify the opportunity
  • Amend state filings
  • Rely on network of contacts
  • Provide defense services


We review your business’s operations to determine the states where you may have nexus and should be filing tax returns. 
As a follow-on service, we also assist with voluntary disclosure programs to bring your business into compliance in states where you should have been filing returns, working to reduce tax exposure and associated penalties.

We conduct a comprehensive review of your state tax profile, state tax returns and structure to identify refunds and prospective filing opportunities. 

We work to help ensure your business is taking all available deductions and filing options and is apportioning its income under evolving apportionment rules. 

We analyze the state tax consequences of a spectrum of transaction types, including stock or asset acquisitions and dispositions, IPOs and recapitalization.  

We perform buy-side and sell-side due diligence to identify exposures and increase state tax attributes, as well as develop strategies to provide state-tax-efficient structures going forward. 

We determine your business’ state tax accrual for financial reporting purposes and identify and analyze state uncertain tax positions (UTPs).  We perform computation and measurement analysis and develop reasonable approaches to addressing UTPs — all within the framework of your business’s materiality thresholds. 

We assess, design, implement and maintain alternative structures that are state tax efficient and meet your business objectives — all with an eye toward reducing your prospective state income, franchise and gross receipts taxes. 

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