Attracting talent, retaining talent.

The ability to attract, retain, and reward a superior workforce is fundamental to every organization’s long-term growth. As your most important asset, people – along with the benefits they want and need – must be viewed in the context of overall organizational goals. A competitive compensation and benefits structure often is a significant factor in whether an organization achieves its goals, especially in industries which rely heavily on skilled labor.  Understanding the mechanisms that work to attract, retain, and reward a superior workforce and navigating the associated tax, accounting, and regulatory challenges is BDO’s specialty.

BDO provides perspective, insight, and detailed guidance on all aspects of performance and compensation design, from developing an initial compensation philosophy to implementing numerous planning vehicles, such as qualified and nonqualified plans, short-term and long-term incentives, and equity compensation.  

The Compensation and Benefits team at BDO works with tax, finance, human resources, management, and the Board to design and implement plans that are cost-effective and fully compliant with all applicable rules and regulations. Our services are tailored and scalable, designed to fit the unique needs of companies of all sizes and across all industries.
Our services are categorized into four primary areas:
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