• Financial Reporting Disputes

Resolution through responsiveness.

BDO helps organizations and their counsel respond to a range of financial reporting disputes. From complex securities litigation to corporate investigations, our seasoned professionals draw on their deep experience with prior matters related to securities litigation and regulatory enforcement, white-collar defense, government investigations, and accountants’ professional liability.
BDO’s multidisciplinary teams combine accounting, investigative, and technology resources to respond rapidly to allegations involving:
  • Financial statement irregularities
  • Accounting irregularities
  • Financial statement restatements
  • Whistleblower complaints
  • Regulatory inquiries
We work with counsel representing companies, boards of directors, executive officers, and others in high-stakes matters. We offer comprehensive services to help counsel deal effectively with a variety of accounting and financial reporting matters. Additionally, our professionals apply sophisticated analytical techniques to process and analyze large volumes of data and information, forensically recover and preserve electronic evidence, and draft submissions to regulatory bodies.
Our team members possess significant experience preparing expert reports and serving as testifying and advisory experts. We also assist counsel with all aspects of litigation, including discovery requests, identifying relevant documents, and preparing witnesses for testimony at deposition and trial.
Our services include: