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We guide you along every step of your digital marketing journey and work side-by-side with your teams to help them take advantage of best-available marketing technologies including Oracle Eloqua, Adobe Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, and Salesforce. Marketing continually becomes more sophisticated and the MarTech tools more empowering. Imagine having our team of professionals behind you to help you make sense of it all and make you a hero.

BDO's approach centers on working side by side with clients to create solutions that meet their unique business goals and needs. Our team of technical and industry specialists will help you develop a digital strategy that identifies and implements solutions that solve your specific issues, enabling you to remain competitive.

Are you making the most of your martech stack?

Our free MarTech (marketing technology) self-assessment will allow you to assess up to five tools in your MarTech stack. You’ll walk away with a breakdown of improvement areas and actionable next steps.

How BDO Can Help

We employ various strategies, including assessments and training, to encourage growth and success in your organization. Our professionals will walk your team through each step of your digital transformation, providing consultations, guidance through implementation and ongoing support.

We like working with clients who are trying to do new things to grow their business. Our role is to help them understand how to really get the value out of the technology.

Tom Svec
Principal, Enterprise Business Applications


Our consultants will enable your team to keep up with emerging marketing trends and processes, helping you stay competitive. We will ensure you have the best processes in place by analyzing your current workflow and future business goals to see where your organization can improve. 

Your company's success depends on efficiently moving leads through the sales funnel. Our consultants will help you craft a framework that unifies your entire organization, solidifying terminology, definitions and goals. We will work with your team to understand objectives and help implement strategies and improve your lead management processes. 

We offer customized training and workshops to help your team gain the knowledge and experience needed to improve your business's processes. Our consultants will teach your organization about marketing technology and automation systems, increasing confidence and efficiency.

Our Marketo professionals will perform a comprehensive assessment of your Marketo Engage instance, analyzing your current stance and what growth opportunities your organization has. Whether you choose a basic or a full assessment, you will find insights within our report to better align your operations with your goals.

Your organization will glean the most significant value from an assessment when you need to know what is working and what is not. Our professionals can help your team revamp operational programs to support new strategies and practices.

Marketo Engage can drive revenue and improve your sales funnel when used to the fullest. Our consultants will help your organization take full advantage of the platform through coaching and system support, focusing on your business objectives and developing a roadmap customized to your capabilities.

Our services include an assessment, planning workshops, a 12- to 18-month adoption roadmap, quarterly planning sessions and progress checks, continued support and other advantages.

Our assessments allow your team to gain actionable insights into your MarTech stack's performance. Our consultants will identify areas for improvement, enabling your organization to maximize your investments and ensure success.

We will start by reviewing your future business goals and objectives, then analyze your MarTech stack to see where you are. Our consultations will point out opportunities, gaps and redundancies.

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