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BDO Digital’s global network brings a range of perspectives, an integrated portfolio of solutions and professionals who offer an experienced point of view on complex business challenges. Our security and compliance approach helps companies evaluate existing processes and procedures to identify risks and opportunities for growth. We make recommendations that fit an organization’s unique environment, enabling them to adapt to evolving digital needs.

The benefits of our cybersecurity consulting services.

BDO Digital has years of experience helping businesses adapt to rapidly changing cybersecurity demands. Through our customizable consulting services, we will help you understand your organization's risks and the steps you can take to mitigate those risks to ensure security and compliance.

We work side by side with clients to understand their unique environments and requirements, developing solutions that promote greater security and compliance. We offer programs to help you understand your current position and learn ways to prepare and recover from cybersecurity breaches.

Cyberattacks are inevitable. Is your organization prepared?

As cyber threats become more complex, so do the cybersecurity strategies used to protect against them. Cyberattacks are inevitable and the cyber threat landscape is ever changing. Find out if your organization is prepared by taking our 5-minute Cyber Threats Readiness Quiz.

How BDO Can Help

A quality security compliance company will help your organization identify vulnerabilities, assess business risk and devise programs that fit your unique needs and environment. BDO offers all these services and more, empowering your business to develop flexible solutions to meet evolving cybersecurity and compliance demands.


BDO evaluates your digital assets and cybersecurity and provides clear, actionable directions for your infrastructure costs and defenses. As part of this process, we examine your third-party solutions for opportunities to consolidate vendors; we inventory your licenses to reduce waste; and we assess your readiness for next-generation artificial intelligence applications.

BDO conducts internal and external penetration testing using known attack vectors and zero-day exploits to confirm that your cybersecurity defenses are up to the challenge. When a probe reveals a gap in security, it can be corrected immediately with appropriate software upgrades, changes in network configuration, or adjustments to security policies.

BDO manages your digital security from our operations center, continuously monitoring your system for anomalies, responding quickly to alerts, and taking all necessary actions. When new threats are identified by our industry partners anywhere in the world, we are able to proactively inoculate your systems to resist them.

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