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Though personal issues often take center stage, it is also important to carefully consider matters involving family law and marital dissolution from a financial standpoint. BDO’s dedicated family law professionals assist clients in understanding and resolving a wide range of financial issues that impact the ultimate division of the marital estate. 

The distribution of property is often one of the most important aspects of a divorce or separation agreement. As few spouses are able to agree on values for all of their property, it is often necessary to have the marital assets appraised.

BDO professionals draw on experience valuing hundreds of businesses for marital distribution purposes. In preparing a business valuation, our professionals consider not only appropriate valuation techniques, but also utilize forensic accounting and investigative skills to identify undisclosed benefits and perquisites that can impact the value of the business. Additionally, our real estate professionals possess a depth of experience valuing real property on a local, national, and international basis.

In many cases, spouses possess assets characterized as “separate property” that may or may not be subject to distribution by the court. BDO’s team of forensic accountants apply knowledge to perform asset tracing and characterization analyses supported by underlying documents and other evidence.

BDO professionals draw on experience preparing tax returns and financial statements in order to determine both parties’ incomes that are then utilized by the court to determine maintenance and child support awards. Further, our forensic accounting resources allow us to identify perquisites and undisclosed benefits from closely held businesses, as well as other forms of compensation.

Our professionals deliver a comprehensive range of advisory and expert witness services in the following areas:
  • Business valuation for equitable distribution
  • Forensic Accounting and asset tracing and characterization
  • Pension valuations Income calculation
  • Background checks Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) assistance

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