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Tax transformation doesn’t happen overnight.

Tax, one of the oldest functions in the business world, is experiencing an unprecedented level of disruption. The ripple effect of legislative and regulatory change is increasing complexity and compliance requirements in tax departments around the world. While tax regulations are changing, digitization is shrinking the globe and making everything more connected, increasing the need for real-time information. That’s where tax transformation comes in. 

Tax transformation is the journey from where you are today to where you want to go. It enables an organization to have a total tax liability focus in order to measure the direct and indirect tax impact of business decisions. The tax function of the future will not only be drastically different from what it is today, it will play an integral role in advancing an organization’s overall strategy. But these changes do not happen overnight. A baseline understanding of the impact of technology on tax is step one. BDO’s tax transformation resource center is built to support this learning journey.


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The journey from where you are to where you want to go. 

A strategic approach to tax transformation requires a holistic view of the tax department and all taxes owed. By fully integrating processes, people, technology, and data, companies are able to analyze their total tax liability across all jurisdictions and forecast how decisions and changes will impact tax standing.

Tax transformation requires a commitment to change, a strategic vision, financial investment, and a consultative approach. It is a process that can be achieved through a series of incremental improvements and by leveraging tax technology solutions. This resource center offers guidance for companies at any stage of the journey.


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