Michael Barba

Michael Barba

National Leader, National Security/CFIUS


BDO New York - Park Avenue Office



Executive Summary

Michael Barba leads BDO Consulting’s National Security Compliance practice. In this role, Mr. Barba is currently serving as the independent and neutral third-party auditor of a Tier-1 telecommunications company to assess compliance with Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS”) requirements and Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (“FOCI”) mitigation efforts.
Mr. Barba’s responsibilities include assessing and analyzing the National Security Agreements or Orders; developing customized work plans that are approved by the Government to meet the requirements of the Agreements or Order; and overseeing a team of professionals who execute against the Government-approved work plan. Mr. Barba frequently reports to the United States Government on the status of the work being performed and to respond to any inquiries. As a Government-approved auditor, Mr. Barba advises clients and their internal and external counsel on a variety of CFIUS matters including assisting clients with pre-filing evaluation and impact studies, enhanced corporate security governance to meet National Security Agreement requirements, and providing mitigation, implementation, and assessment models. His extensive experience in technology, network security and physical security provide essential perspective for identifying solutions through the review of network and physical infrastructures to assist organizations with the facilitation of compliance during a CFIUS review. 
In addition to providing National Security Compliance services, Mr. Barba has more than 20 years of experience advising organizations and their counsel on a range of technology-related assignments, principally related to incident response and digital forensics. Mr. Barba holds certifications in a number of security and investigatory disciplines including, but not limited to the Global Information Assurance Certification as a Systems & Network Auditor (“GSNA”), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (“CISSP”) and a Certified Protection Professional (“CPP”). Mr. Barba has led domestic and international investigations affecting the computer networks, resources, and intellectual property of organizations for Fortune 100 organizations and as a consultant with the Procurement Task Force of the United Nations. He has extensive experience leading global investigative engagements involving the collection, preservation, processing and production of electronically stored information, and is adept in the analysis of electronic evidence to identify patterns and detect anomalies.
Mr. Barba is a frequent presenter on network and system audits along with cyber investigations.  He has experience in providing testimony before federal grand juries, and has been deposed as an Rule 30(b)6 e-discovery witness.

Professional Affiliations

Digital Forensic Certification Board
High Technology Crime Investigation Association
Infragard, Newark Chapter
The Institute of Computer Forensic Professionals


B.A., Criminal Justice Administration, Mansfield University
Network Engineering, Chubb Institute