Michael Barba

Michael Barba

National Security/CFIUS Lead, Managing Director, BDO Digital


BDO New York - Park Avenue Office



Executive Summary

Michael Barba leads BDO’s National Security Compliance practice. He has led engagement teams in a variety of cases involving the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), including as the independent and neutral third-party auditor, monitor, and escrow agent. He has CFIUS experience in the telecommunications, financial services, aerospace and defense, and biometric industries; providing risk assessments and monitoring compliance obligations. His responsibilities span the lifecycle of CFIUS filings, from pre-filing preparation to evaluation of mitigation terms.

Michael has years of experience analyzing National Security Agreements, Letters of Assurance, and Interim Orders/Orders of Divestiture, and has developed customized work plans approved by the U.S. Government to meet the mitigation requirements. He advises clients with pre-filing evaluation and impact studies, enhanced corporate security governance to meet the agreed upon requirements, and providing mitigation, implementation, and assessment models. His extensive experience in technology, network security, and physical security provide essential perspective for identifying solutions through the review of network and physical infrastructures.

Professional Affiliations

Digital Forensic Certification Board
High Technology Crime Investigation Association
Infragard, Newark Chapter
The Institute of Computer Forensic Professionals


B.A., Criminal Justice Administration, Mansfield University
Network Engineering, Chubb Institute