Transfer Pricing Perspectives from Around the World: Navigating Through Crisis and Complexities

June 2020


As people and economies worldwide continue to persevere through the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are preparing for resuming operations in a “new normal.” BDO is bringing perspectives from around the world designed to help businesses persevere, maintain, and thrive in these uncertain times. Our global Transfer Pricing advisors will share insights on current policies, considerations, and key developments that affect every aspect of global and domestic business with a keen focus on the immediate and long-term impacts on transfer pricing structures and policies.




Transfer Pricing and Cash Flow Management

As the economic impact of COVID-19 continues to spread, multinational enterprises are quickly prioritizing cash flow tax strategies to help minimize disruption, including revising existing third-party and intercompany agreements. Understand how these new agreements may affect your current transfer pricing policies.


Routine Entities and Principals – Adjusting Profits

Short-term changes to transfer pricing models are helping to minimize overall tax payments and increase cash flow. See how evaluating and adjusting remunerations to low-risk entities can give you an edge.


Adapting Royalties and Service Payments in the Short- and Long-Term Economic Environment

Intercompany transactions involving intangible property or services can be a valuable tool for businesses seeking to manage challenges resulting from COVID-19. But several factors come into play here – transfer pricing, supply chains, and market conditions. What should your company consider in the short- and long-term?


Profit Splits and Cost Sharing: What about losses?

Profit split methodologies and cost sharing arrangements are among the more complex transfer pricing structures and depend largely on financial forecasts. Amid disruptions due to COVID-19, these structures require more attention. Discover how companies are updating methodologies and incorporating new economic realities into forecasts and calculations.

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