Planning For U.S. Tax Reform – International Implications

December 2017

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Moving from a worldwide system of taxation to a territorial system of taxation requires the ability to understand and build a framework for the future state. U.S. multinational companies should be evaluating the potential tax impact of the legislation such as a one-time taxable event for accumulated overseas earnings in moving to a territorial system of taxation.  

How Can BDO Help? 

BDO can assist U.S. multinationals in assessing the impacts of tax reform by analyzing and reviewing key tax attributes, such as earnings and profits, foreign tax pools, tax basis, and loss carryforwards.

In an attempt to break down the complexity of what U.S. international tax reform means to multinational organizations, BDO looks at five questions every Tax, Treasury, and Logistics executive should ask in light of the changing international tax landscape.

Worldwide System of Taxation

Data Management and Tax Attribute Modeling

Strategic Planning

Compliance and Reporting


Territorial System of Taxation


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