California Employment Training Panel Grant – COVID-19 Response

The Employment Training Panel (ETP), created in 1982, has kept California competitive by granting more than $1 billion in training funds to over 40,000 California businesses. In response to novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, California has broadened the applicability of its cash grant program for employee training to allow more companies to participate in the program and to prioritize industries that are vital to the health and safety of the public and economy during COVID-19. These changes are effective immediately through July 1, 2020.

The ETP training program provides cash grants of up to $650,000 to employers offering vocational training to their new and incumbent workforce. The cash grants offer up to $26 per hour of training per employee. The training is developed by the employer that is reimbursed by the ETP upon completion. The ETP determines eligibility and funding levels. Finally, the employer must retain the employees for a fixed amount of time following the training.


What’s New for the ETP Grant

  • Expedited Priority Processing is available to companies falling within designated industries, included but not limited to: Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Manufacturing;Agriculture; Utilities;Health Services;FoodandBeverage; Communication Equipment and Communication-Related Industries; Transportation; and Hardware and Grocery Stores.
  • Faster Cash Payments is available through accelerated payment request and reimbursement request.
  • Increased Company Eligibility is available through lowering minimum training hours and providing priority preliminary application eligibility to certain industries.
  • Relaxed requirements, including potential reduction of required hours to qualify as full-time,allowance of virtual learning,and waiving the cap on hands-on and on-the-job training.