Business in the UK - A route map

Business in the UK – A route map is intended to help anyone wanting to set up or expand their presence in the United Kingdom.

Running a business anywhere in the world can be complex and demanding. However, there are many advantages to trading in the UK’s mature markets, and regulatory and financial burdens of running a UK business compare favorably with many other countries.

Our specialists have compiled a comprehensive guide covering the following areas:

  • Introduction to the UK
  • Choice of business structure
  • Setting up a business in the UK
  • Acquisition
  • Business finance
  • Financial and management reporting, Audit and Tax
  • Land and buildings
  • Staff employment
  • Import and export
  • Cessation

We understand growing business is rarely straightforward. We show examples of how we have guided companies through the process. Read the most relevant chapters to you by following the links above or download the full report using the download button below.

Read the Full Business in the UK Guide

This content was originally published by BDO in the United Kingdom.