A Global Tax Tool: COVID-19 Fiscal and Financial Measures to support businesses and individuals

Governments and other authorities worldwide are introducing measures to help businesses prepare and respond to the fiscal and financial impacts of COVID-19. BDO’s interactive global tool monitors this rapidly changing landscape and provides an overview of the key measures that are being implemented worldwide, including government-sponsored loans to businesses, business tax rate relief, direct business grants, individual and employment tax benefits, and the extension of various tax filings and payments. 
By monitoring and understanding these measures, U.S. businesses will be well-positioned to swiftly adapt to changes that ultimately affect a business’ total tax liability—the sum of all taxes owed at any given point of time. This holistic approach factors in income, indirect, property, payroll, excise and other taxes, as well as customs and duties, and then reduced by the credits, incentives and deductions at the international, federal, state and local levels.
While it’s still difficult to predict the full extent of the impact of COVID-19, BDO is closely monitoring this rapidly evolving situation, offering guidance to help you through this time of uncertainty.
For more information: Visit the BDO Global COVID-19 Crisis Hub for the latest guidance and advice for businesses and individuals across the globe. Prepare your business for the impacts of COVID-19 by staying up to date on the latest insights and events in the United States.

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