2022/2023 Health Insurance Executive Total Potential Remuneration Survey Insights Report

Executive Attraction, Retention and Motivation — Are You Considering All the Factors?

Boards and the executive suite have been tasked with addressing an array of both health and economic challenges the last few years. The talent shortage has been impacting all levels of the organization including these top-level jobs. This impacts both the need for talent and overall costs. To better understand how companies are addressing these issues, BDO conducted in-depth analysis using our proprietary survey data.

The 2022 BDO Health Insurance Industry Executive & Management Total Potential Remuneration Survey includes insights related to compensation and performance measures that enable health insurers to focus on executive compensation strategies that drive desired business results.

This summary report highlights key findings from the full survey report, such as:

  • An increase in pay levels for executives that has outpaced revenue growth.
  • Further assessment and re-tooling of executive compensation plans, including Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs) and Change of Control (CoC) agreements, to attract and retain critical top talent.
  • Refining the metrics used for annual and long-term incentive plans.
  • Evaluation of the senior management team composition and the impact of executive turnover on bench strength.