2019 Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals

The information in BDO publications is dependent on tax policies at the time they are published. The 2020 inflation-adjusted items have since been released. To find the latest information on the 2020 inflation-adjusted items, read Updated 2020 Inflation-Adjusted Items for Individuals’ Tax Planning.

Get ahead of the coming tax season by planning early and making the most of opportunities to defer your annual tax obligations and limit your personal total tax liability.
Here are 5 key areas to consider in your personal tax planning this year.



Your individual income taxes likely comprise one of your largest annual expenses. But just like you consider where to invest your money to reap the greatest returns, you should consider what strategies could help you lower your total tax liability. Our 2019 Year End Tax Letter for Individuals offers helpful strategies and tips for doing just that.

Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals Webinar

This one-hour webinar will identify opportunities for individuals to reduce or defer their annual income tax obligation and limit their total tax liability.