Digital Solutions for ESG Reporting, Cost Savings

Top 3 Areas of Impact

""Delivered strategy to improve accuracy of data collection and reporting

""Expecting over 50% reduction in hours of work needed to collect data for ESG report

""Company plans to use the data to identify hot spots for emissions and cost reductions


BDO is helping a cement manufacturer leverage digital tools and strategies to simplify data collection for ESG reporting. The data will also be used to identify opportunities to reduce emissions and operating costs. 


Having only recently begun its ESG reporting program, the client’s current process for collecting emissions data is highly manual, often requiring spreadsheets to be circulated back and forth between team members. Additionally, much of the data is derived indirectly.  

To address this challenge, we are helping the company explore solutions for more efficient and accurate data capture. 

For example, the company is currently using average gas prices or vehicle distance traveled to calculate vehicle emissions. Our solution includes a micro app to better measure fuel use and associated emissions. Drivers can use the app to easily track their mileage and fuel consumption.

The strategy to simplify the data collection and reporting process also includes smart sensors. Deploying sensors enables more precise measurements of manufacturing processes and integration of data into a single cloud-based data warehouse.


Because many of the technologies being introduced are new to the company, we identified pilot processes to support adoption. BDO will provide interim support and training to the company’s IT teams as they begin to use the solutions. We will also help educate company leaders on how to apply the technology to other operational challenges.


We helped our client recognize how digital transformation can drive more efficient, accurate ESG disclosures. In addition to serving immediate reporting needs, enhancements to data collection and analysis enable the identification of sustainability projects aimed at reducing emissions and lowering operating costs.

Rizwaan Sahib
Managing Director, Sustainability & ESG Climate Services