Tech Re-strategizes Amid COVID-19 Complications

COVID-19 has caused disruption across all industries, forcing tech companies to evolve their strategies in order to weather the storm and capitalize on changes in customer need.

During a recent webinar, “How Tech Companies Can Evolve Their Workforce and Capital Strategies Amidst COVID-19,” we surveyed participating technology executives to get their take on raising capital during COVID-19, remote work and relocation, major human capital management focuses in the next year and more.


Key Takeaways:

Key Takeaways for Capital, Health, Flexibility, Remote Recruiting and Relocation

Capital raises continue amid COVID-19:

Chart of sources that organizations sought capital during COVID-19

Remote work is here to stay:

Graphic of organization's long-term view on remote working

Health and safety concerns:

Graphic of organization's focus over the next 12 months from a human capital management perspective

Onboarding and training from home:

Table of organization's remote hiring and onboarding process

Relocation packages take a backseat:

Chart of the percentage of organizations who have created and implemented a new relocation package in response to COVID-19

Missed out on the webinar? You can access the recording online.

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