Pinpointing the Next Global Tech Hubs

Demand for technology solutions and inventive ideas has surged across the globe. While established hubs of activity like Silicon Valley and Singapore continue to foster innovation, new markets are attracting more startups—particularly as they manage a newly dispersed workforce.

However, not all locations are created equal. Government regulations and access to talent, capital and  infrastructure all make an impact on how attractive a market is to industry leaders.

Here are the new epicenters of innovation:

  • Boston: a well-established hub for tech companies of all sizes

  • The Netherlands: a successful market with a strong system of support

  • Ireland: a tech powerhouse with geographical advantage

  • Latin America: a fertile region with high potential

  • Germany: a robust and attractive region with VC appeal

  • Vietnam: an emerging market with untapped potential 

  • South Africa: impressive infrastructure with international appeal

Take a closer look at the unique value each market offers to investors and companies.

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