Overcoming Retail Compliance Challenges

Technology and Privacy Success Stories

From global retail giants to national manufacturers and restaurant chains, navigating privacy and data management challenges and staying compliant with evolving regulations can be daunting and complex. Whether you’re looking to establish a global loyalty program or unify consumer profiles, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations like the CCPA or managing intricate data rights and consent practices across diverse operational landscapes, BDO can help through a wide range of services and guidance from an experienced team.

Read on below to learn about some of the projects we’ve recently helped companies just like yours successfully implement.


Apparel and mobile fitness app company launches global loyalty program and creates a unified consumer profile

A leading sports apparel and mobile fitness app company that operated in multiple markets and jurisdictions wanted to create a global loyalty program and a unified consumer profile (UCP) to enhance their customer experience and engagement. They faced several challenges, however, in achieving this goal: 

  • They recently sold of a portion off their mobile app business and closed their ad-revenue unit, which created inconsistencies and gaps in their data collection and sharing practices.
  • There were different privacy notices and consent mechanisms for their retail and digital customers, which made it difficult to establish a UCP and comply with various data protection regulations. 
  • Cookie consent management tools were not being leveraged effectively, and were providing inaccurate and incomplete information to their users about the cookies and third parties on their website and mobile app.

BDO helped the retailer overcome these challenges by providing the following services: 

  • Conducted a data rights assessment to identify the types and sources of data collected, processed, and shared with third parties, and the legal bases and purposes for doing so.
  • Reviewed and updated privacy notices and consent mechanisms to align with the retailer’s data practices and regulatory requirements, as well as, to enable a UCP across their retail and digital channels.
  • Implemented and managed the cookie consent tool to ensure valid and informed consent was obtained from the retailer’s users, and that scanning and monitoring of the retailer’s cookies and third parties occurred regularly.

BDO became a trusted partner for the organization, helping the retailer to improve its privacy practices and reduce risks in its ad-tech ecosystem. BDO also helped the organization adopt privacy by design principles and implement effective controls for the onboarding of new partners. Additionally, BDO helped the organization align its business objectives with the legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements of different jurisdictions, and to expand the retailer’s website privacy program globally. 


National retailer navigates large network of stores to CCPA compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a stringent regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal information of their customers. To comply with CCPA, a large American sporting goods retailer with hundreds of stores across the country needed to understand how they collect, use, and share sensitive data across their complex and diverse systems. They also needed to meet the tight deadlines imposed by the law.

BDO conducted a comprehensive privacy assessment of the retailer’s current policies and practices and mapped the flows of personal data throughout their systems. BDO was able to identify the sources, destinations, and purposes of data transfers, and the risks and gaps in the retailer’s data protection measures. BDO was also able to provide practical recommendations and best practices to enhance the retailer’s privacy program and meet the CCPA requirements.

The retailer gained a clear and accurate picture of their data landscape, along with a roadmap to achieve compliance and build trust with their customers. The retailer also improved their efficiency and reduced their costs by streamlining data processes and eliminating unnecessary data collection and sharing. 


Restaurant chain manages web privacy, develops consistent UX and addresses cookie compliance

A well-known, national restaurant chain needed to ensure its web privacy practices met the standards of various regulations, such as the GDPR and the CCPA. The chain had a complex web presence, with multiple domains managed by different web development teams. The restaurant chain wanted to assess its compliance level and implement a consistent and effective cookie consent and privacy notice across its websites.

BDO conducted a thorough review of the restaurant chain’s web tracking technologies and privacy policies and was able to identify the gaps and risks in the current practices, as well as provide recommendations for improvement. BDO also helped the restaurant chain implement a cookie consent management platform that enabled customization and harmonization of the chain’s cookie consent and privacy notice across all its domains. The platform also allowed the chain to monitor and update its web privacy compliance as the regulations changed.

As a result of the privacy solutions BDO brought to the client, the restaurant chain was able to achieve a higher level of web privacy compliance and reduce the risk of fines and reputational damage. The restaurant chain also enhanced its customer trust and loyalty by providing a transparent and user-friendly web privacy experience.