BDO Helps Client Rebuild Integration Strategy

Company Background & Challenge

KaMin, a global performance mineral supplier carved out a minerals business from a multinational chemical company and needed to stand up the new entity. The company had a fast timeline to carve out the acquired entity but faced several challenges in standing up and integrating the new business. Obstacles included limited collaboration with the seller due to existing competitor status, no transition services agreement, and lack of a unified strategy and execution. As a result, the company did not have a clear path to successfully stand up the new entity and ensure a smooth day one transition.   


BDO’s Solution  

BDO was already working with the client on the IT carve out and was asked to take over the entire integration management office from the previous provider. In close partnership with the client’s integration lead, BDO rebuilt the integration strategy from scratch by working with operational, accounting, IT, customer service and HR leaders to identify gaps, set milestones for mitigating them, and execute the strategy. Our team also focused on improving the working relationship with the seller, which enabled more collaboration and information sharing, a necessity for standing up the new entity. Upon close, BDO deployed a team to the target’s site to complete critical day one cutover activities, including technology activities to provide seamless support to the new employees.

Client Benefit 

With BDO’s help, the client defined and rebuilt their integration strategy – leading to a successful close process with no business interruption. KaMin successfully stood up and integrated the people, processes, and technology aspects for a smooth day one transition, including creating an entirely new IT network.  As a result, KaMin was able to focus sooner on serving its new customers and maintain the high service level for which it is known in the industry.