BDO Helps Life Sciences Private Equity Fund Evaluate Biotech Acquisition Target

Top 3 Areas of Impact

Provided a qualitative assessment of the biotech, leveraging BDO’s experience in multiple technical disciplines.

Assessed growth opportunities and challenges of the biotech to supply the client with accurate insights to help them make the best decision.

Leveraged additional BDO resources to create a comprehensive evaluation of the potential acquisition, including services in cybersecurity, IT systems, enterprise resource planning, and environmental, social, and governance programs.


Learn how BDO’s BioProcess Technology Group (BPTG) helped a private equity (PE) firm complete a technical due diligence assessment that opened the door for a potential acquisition of a small biotech company.

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A PE firm required a technical due diligence assessment for a potential acquisition of a small biotech company. The PE firm saw potential in the proposed acquisition but lacked the required knowledge to perform a qualitative technical evaluation. 


The BPTG recommended an evaluation of the target company’s technology, bioproduction methods, operations, growth opportunities, and challenges. 

The assessment also outlined areas for operational and technological improvements and demonstrated the scientific capability needed to support their execution.


When BDO specialized resources stepped in as CFO, the company was able to complete its reporting on time. This enabled the CEO (which was newly assigned by the company) and we worked closely with the new CEO to improve profitability throughout most of the year.

As advisors to private equity clients operating in highly technical industries like life sciences, we have a unique opportunity to provide strategic guidance throughout the entire due diligence process to help our clients make sound acquisition decisions that will help position themselves for strategic growth.

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