Hotel Britain - The Guide to the Performance of Hotels in the UK

The report is the definitive guide to UK hotels performance over the previous year. Our analysis focuses on national and regional performance, highlighting the underlying trends for key markets and segments. Our research also considers other main influencers such as tourism and passenger numbers and external factors that may affect the sector.

Highlights from this year’s report include:

  • 2017 proved to be another year of consistent growth for UK hotels despite the uncertainties surrounding the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union

  • Overseas visitor numbers grew for the eighth consecutive year in 2017 setting a new annual record at 38.9m.

  • Britain is to be coined a ‘staycation nation’ in 2018. Latest figures published by Visit Britain support the theory: Staycations in England were up by 4% in 2017.

  • And more!


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