[Infographic] Benchmarking Digital Transformation to Drive Better Outcomes in Health & Life Sciences

To remain competitive in the digital economy of the future, health and life sciences companies need to not only digitize their operations but also evolve the way they drive and measure outcomes as the industry shifts from fee-for-service to value-based care. Patient care innovation is happening at the intersection of medicine and technology, heralding a new era of preventative health measures and precision therapy. At the heart of it all is data—and the process of bringing together and analyzing disparate sources of that data from across the health ecosystem to turn information into actionable insight. The digital transformation journey is thus one of data enablement balanced with data protection.

For some health and life sciences organizations—especially those born out of the tech-enabled era—digital transformation is in their DNA. The adaption to, and adoption of, emerging technologies to further business goals comes instinctively to them. For most, however, digital transformation requires a lot more foresight, consideration and planning—especially when the integration of innovative technologies leaves the organization vulnerable to new and burgeoning cyber and privacy threats.

See how your organization’s transformation readiness compares to the health and life sciences entities BDO surveyed in its 2019 Middle Market Digital Transformation Survey.