BDO Knows Unanet ERP – 2024 Q1

The BDO Knows Unanet ERP Quarterly Newsletter provides timely insights, featured system enhancements, announcements, and highlights key development suggestions relevant to Unanet.

Insights of the Quarter

Are you leveraging the forecasting capabilities in Unanet to their fullest potential? The advantages of utilizing this powerful feature cannot be overstated. By accurately forecasting your resources, you gain the ability to project revenue for your projects with precision, assess whether your current resources are being over- or underutilized, and determine if there's a need for additional resources. Moreover, this process allows for the strategic utilization of skills, significantly aiding in the Business and Proposal (B&P) process. Our team of Unanet professionals are highly knowledgeable in implementing best practices and tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization and can assist with optimizing your project management and resource allocation.


BDO is named Services Partner of the Year for 2023-2024! - BDO is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious Unanet Partner Award for 2023-24. This accolade recognizes BDO among a select group of companies that have excelled in engaging and collaborating with Unanet and its extensive customer base, driving business success for all parties involved. BDO's commitment to offering flexible guidance in specialized areas significantly enhances the Unanet solution for customers. This award underscores BDO's dedication to fostering strong relationships and delivering exceptional value through innovative solutions.

Data Lake and data governance: More than a byte-sized suggestion: Wondering why data governance matters to your organization and how implementing Data Lake could offer benefits? Learn more on Data Lake and data governance in this article written by BDO’s own Nick Clemens and Bradley Griese.

New Enhancements

We are excited to see some of our customer requested enhancements recently released!

  • New People Roles: There is a new role for Cost Pool Owner that will allow users to create cost pool calculations without the needing the GL Admin role. Bank Reconciler is another new role that allows users to complete bank reconciliations without needing the GL Admin role, as well.
  • Subcontractor Portal has a mileage expense type wizard that is now available.
  • Time Dashboard enhancements, including buttons to remove messages after viewing.

Stay up-to-date and view the full list of new release enhancements by visiting Unanet New Features & Functions.

BDO’s Unanet Suggestion Highlights

Here are a few of our favorite development suggestions:

Should any of these suggestions prove beneficial to your company, make sure to vote and leave a comment!  Unanet developers pay close attention to customer feedback, so don’t hesitate to submit your suggestions at to ensure your voice is heard.

Save the Date

Champions Conference

Circle the dates for the eagerly awaited Champions Conference 2024! Join us May 13-15 at the esteemed Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana, for an exhilarating gathering. BDO is proud to be the platinum and executive track sponsor for this event. Keep an eye out for further details from Unanet as more information about the conference becomes available. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Our Services & Approach

BDO’s Industry Specialty Services Group comprises diverse consulting teams supporting unique business functions in multiple industry verticals.  Some of these industries include government contracting, healthcare, life sciences, nonprofit, education, and community resilience.  

BDO’s implementation methodology and strategy is distinct, as we purposely employ consultants who have a blended set of skills including, but not limited to, accounting, systems, and heavily regulated industry compliance. Our services include design and new implementations, data conversion, M&A integration and BI services, system review and reconfiguration, policies and procedures review, and outsourced accounting services. Additionally, the ability to leverage the wider in-house BDO team as it relates to subjects ranging from compliance to tax is what differentiates us. Utilizing a collaborative approach during implementations, led by our knowledgeable ERP professionals, our clients routinely choose BDO for our full solution.


To learn more about BDO’s Unanet Consulting Services and BDO, visit our Government Contracting industry page.