BDO's 2020 Nonprofit Benchmarking Survey

Nonprofit organizations are first and foremost problem solvers, addressing the issues commercial businesses aren’t suited to, and that governments can’t solve on their own. Never was that clearer than after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year. In the face of massive disruption, nonprofits unsurprisingly stepped up – adapting their programs and delivery practices to help address critical areas of need.

At BDO, we’ve worked with nonprofits for more than a century, and understand that each nonprofit has its own unique mission and goals. This diversity is part of what makes this sector so invaluable, but it also makes it difficult for organizations to assess their practices and benchmark against their peers.

That’s why we created Nonprofit Standards, our annual benchmarking survey for the sector. The survey, now in its fourth year, is intended to help nonprofit leaders make decisions that balance both a nonprofit heart and a business mindset, and gauge their own well-being, especially in times of uncertainty.

We hope this survey arms you and your organization with data and information you use as you continue to push your mission, and the world, forward.