BDO's 2018 International Business Compass

BDO's 2018 International Business Compass

BDO’s International Business Compass is an annually updated index measuring the attractiveness for businesses of different international locations. A report is published jointly by BDO Germany and the Hamburg Institute of World Economics.

The object of BDO’s International Business Compass is each year to quantify the attractiveness of international locations for businesses in the form of a single, comprehensive index value combining the overall societal and business development status of different countries and regions. With this study, BDO aims to provide corporate decision makers with a valuable instrument to identify the most appropriate locations worldwide for their operations.

A special point of attention in the 2018 edition of the BDO International Business Compass is energy and resource consumption. The 2018 BDO International Business Compass compares countries and regions with regard to their use of various types of resources, examining the consequences of energy and resource consumption for society.

The BDO International Business Compass Index measure the attractiveness of a country as a multi-dimensional concept in three dimensions: the economic, politico-legal and socio-cultural conditions. From Albania to Cyprus, access or compare the most important facts and figures from 174 countries around the world giving you a quick overview with a single click.

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