Remote Inventory with Microsoft HoloLens 2

Amid COVID-19, companies face the challenge of providing a safe working environment for their employees while continuing to maintain productivity and efficiency. The pandemic has forced the business world to transition to remote technology and accelerated the need for augmented reality options.

As described in BDO’s Resilience Agenda, companies need a framework for recovery in the pandemic economy that focuses on long-term adaptation and growth. Tools such as Microsoft’s HoloLens can help companies protect their workforce, balance risk and innovation, and reimage work.

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 is a mixed reality headset that creates a simulated, three-dimensional environment that a user can interact with via hand gestures or voice commands. BDO Digital can help deploy HoloLens at your organization to provide remote inventory observation. Click on each icon to learn more about BDO’s HoloLens Inventory Solution.

Why Remote Inventory?

  • Reduction of risk exposure 
  • Reduction of travel costs 
  • Video documentation of inventory
  • Adoption enablement of new technology 
  • Ability to bring in experts from different organizations
  • Increased opportunities for collaboration 
  • Highly secure data transfer 
  • Accelerating digital transformation

Leveraging our Risk Advisory Services capabilities, teams can conduct remote audit procedures to assess the effectiveness of inventory controls and execute inventory observation procedures.

BDO Digital is dedicated to using the latest in augmented reality innovation to help middle-market companies develop and execute practical, financially responsible digital transformation strategies. Our team is comprised of both experienced industry specialists and hands-on digital architects who work collaboratively with clients to map out a plan that maximizes value with minimal disruption to their existing infrastructure.