How to Setup Number Series in Business Central

Numbering is a system that companies use to distinctly identify things within their business, whether it be customer accounts, invoices, or other documents. Not only is numbering important for identification, but a well-designed numbering system also makes operating a company more manageable, allows the company to be analyzed more easily, and it can reduce the number of errors that occur in data entry.

Instructions for How to Set Up a Number Series

1. Search ‘No series’ in the Global search bar and select the page that is highlighted as shown in the below image.

Business Central screenshot of searching for "no series"

Note: You can also set a number series up that allows for manual number entry. You specify this with the ‘Manual Nos’ check box. If you want the No. Field to automatically be filled with the number in the series, be sure to click the ‘Default No.’ check box.

2. To create a new number series, click the ‘New’ action (see image below).

Business Central screenshot showing how to create a new number series

When you create a new number series, you must enter a starting number and an ending number.

While financial transactions use sequential numbering, this will not be the case for all records that you create in Business Central. Some records, for example, will be for customer cards, sales quotes, and warehouse activities (to name a few). For these types of records, you will need to assign a number from a number series. However, they are not subject to financial auditing and can be deleted. For these number series, you can select the ‘Allow Gaps in Nos’ check box on the No. Series Lines page (see below image).

You can set ‘warning no’ when no series will near be ending in a no.

Business Central screenshot showing how to "Allow gaps in Nos"

Relationships Between Number Series

Let’s say you have the same set of basic information but more than one number series. In this case, you can create relationships between the codes. For example, if there is a number series for a set of information but you want to take it a step further by assigning different categories, then you can use number series relationships.

Select the line with the number series you want to create relationships for and then choose the ‘Relationship’ action as shown in below image.

Business Central screenshot showing relationships between number series

Next, in the ‘Series Code’ field (see image below), enter the code for the number series that you want to create the relationship with.

Business Central screenshot showing "Series Code" field


The image below shows a relationship number series example for creating new purchase invoices.

Business Central screenshot showing a relationship number series example