Healthcare System Enables Data Transformation with New Cloud-Based Data Platform

A nonprofit healthcare organization located in Indiana wanted to build a self-service data platform to enable their operational reporting across all service lines and units. The healthcare organization currently has 30,000 employees, 3,000 analytics users and 55 data sources including Cerner.

To help ensure the cloud data platform was successfully launched, the organization turned to BDO Digital for their full data transformation technological experience and healthcare industry capabilities.

Business Challenge

The healthcare organization was on a historical architectural journey since the early 2000s. They started out with a small data warehouse and eventually deployed a Microsoft solution to start building an enterprise-wide data warehouse.

In 2019, the healthcare organization’s on-premises platform was reaching the end of its life, having several outages. The organization sought a cost-effective solution, the reduction of their current infrastructure barriers, and artificial intelligence capabilities.

The healthcare organization had many requirements for the new analytics platform, including:

  • Removing infrastructure barriers 
  • Shedding capital investments 
  • Driving new data innovation
  • Leveraging aggressive new cloud pricing models 
  • Data centralization with a modern infrastructure
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Operational reporting across the organization
  • Upskilling their team to take advantage of Microsoft’s Power BI and Azure machine learning services



Key BDO Digital offerings:

  • Azure Data Architecture Migration and Modernization (35 TB)
  • Azure Infrastructure and Disaster Recovery
  • Azure Cloud Governance
  • Data Analytics Enablement & Adoption
  • Power BI Development Services

The healthcare organization experienced many benefits, including:

  • Key data insights to thousands of clinical and operational staff
  • Reduced and optimized infrastructure costs in 5 years
  • Uniform cloud and data strategy for descriptive and predictive use cases
  • Risk mitigation & disaster recovery
  • Modern data warehouse to accelerate transformation
  • New capabilities and agility to respond quickly to new operational challenges, including COVID-19

Healthcare has entered a new digital era, where evolving patient expectations and provider needs are managed through digital capabilities. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. BDO Digital can help you optimize operational efficiencies, build a solid telehealth platform, prevent provider burnout, leverage data analytics and AI to improve your organization’s financial and operational health, and more. Visit our Healthcare industry page for more information.