Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association Navigates Digital Transformation

Since 1891, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association's mission has been to present classical music aimed at enriching the human spirit. To help accomplish that in present-day, the association recognized the need to modernize the IT in their historic Symphony Hall to deliver a powerful live experience for their patrons, musicians, and staff.


Tuning up their Technology

In a digital age, the association found that their IT department was being taxed with greater demands, and decided they needed to make improvements to remain competitive and improve functionality. However, identifying the right third-party support for the upgrades was not easy as they needed an advisor who not only grasped the technical aspects of the project, but also understood the unique needs of non-profits.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association selected BDO Digital's Managed Services team to help them determine how to best enter the digital space. Working in collaboration with BDO Digital's Engagement Relations Manager, Service Delivery Lead, and Solution Architect, the organization was able to co-create a strategic roadmap, to help them identify their key initiatives and lead them through the process. 

Mitigating Risk for a Harmonious Future

Avoiding unexpected costs and threats was at the forefront of the association’s digital transformation plan. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association needed to get the most out of their IT investment and stay secure while doing so. BDO Digital was able to help identify risks early and implement remediation plans to maintain their digital roadmap. Recognizing and preparing risk prevention helped the organization bring expansion initiatives to the board, and they even received funding for new technological solutions. The success of these technological advancements has eased the funding process for future IT endeavors. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association now looks forward to using the power of technology to not only improve their patron experience but also further the art.