Carpe Diem: Five Silver Lining Strategies for Recession

September 2020


Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the initial frenzy of crisis has faded into a kind of gray zone. The immediate liquidity crunch is over—for now, at least. Yet the future is no less clear. If the economic picture worsens, more aggressive cuts may be necessary. If, however, the economy has already bottomed out, companies should be preparing for their next big move. Where do businesses go from here?

In the gray zone between triage mode and a return to normalcy is where businesses can find their silver lining. It is a once-in-a-century moment in time for middle market organizations to topple the biggest behemoths from their thrones and solidify competitive advantage. Spotting the opportunities isn’t the hard part—it’s seizing them. Nimbler than their larger counterparts, middle market organizations are, theoretically, better positioned to capitalize on market shifts and catch up to—or even surpass—market leaders. But agility is only one piece of the puzzle. Capitalizing on emerging opportunities requires, well, capital.

How do you turn the gray zone into a silver lining? Here is a look at the five strategic moves to make now to strengthen your core business model and capital portfolio—so that when opportunity strikes, you have the means to take advantage.


While the trajectory of the economy remains unclear, your business can still make forward momentum towards recovery. There is a silver lining in this gray zone for every middle market organization—if you know where to look.
In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, a gray day provides the best light.
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