What to Expect During a Divestiture

Once your company has decided to divest a portion of the business, the process can seem daunting. Here’s what to expect along the way.


Identifying a Buyer or Buyer Pool

Through the sell-side due diligence process, we can help you identify which financial and operational information, and valuation reports are necessary to best showcase the value of your business – a key factor while identifying a buyer.


Carve-Out Financial Statements

  • Balance sheet

  • Income statement and ledger segmentations

  • Cash flow worksheet – both pre- and post-tax

  • Related footnote disclosures

  • Pro forma financial information


Deal Execution

These and many others are just some of the considerations along the way including the SEC review process, operational, IT, and HR preparedness, and preparing financial statements after the deal execution for day one accounting.

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