Data Privacy and Governance Checklist for the Board

Data Privacy and Governance Checklist for the Board

Are you confident in your oversight of data privacy? Leverage our Data Privacy and Governance Checklist for The Board to enhance your oversight by identifying risks, understanding your organization’s privacy practices and identifying gaps to address.

The checklist outlines the basics for understanding your organization’s risk and current data protection posture regarding the handling of personal and sensitive data.  Using this checklist, board members will be able to understand:


Scope: Identify the data and regulations that will inform and impact a privacy program 


Assess: Understand the level of risk posed by specific data interactions 


Protect: Secure data from unauthorized access, use, alteration or disclosure 


Govern: Support accountability and lifecycle management of data 


Enable: Facilitate a user-centric approach to data protection 


Make sure you’re covering all your bases—and learn what to do if you discover gaps in your data governance program.


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