Inside E-Discovery & Beyond: Lessons for Law Firms

Inside E-Discovery & Beyond: Lessons for Law Firms

Earlier this year, BDO surveyed corporate counsel about changes in their approaches to e-discovery, information governance, compliance and cybersecurity. In our report, Reimagining Digital Risk, we explored the ways in which the increasingly digital world of business is impacting the role and responsibilities of in-house legal professionals.

These seismic shifts also have significant implications for their outside legal counsel. When your client’s job changes, so should yours, if you want to keep their business.

Based on the opinions and insights of more than 100 senior in-house counsel, here are our Top 5 takeaways:

  1. The early bird gets the worm.

  2. Technophobic lawyers are an endangered species.

  3. E-discovery doesn’t need to be a profit drain.

  4. GDPR is a big problem for corporate counsel…and a huge opportunity for law firms.

  5. There’s a fundamental misalignment in the practice of law and client needs.

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