How a National Hospital Association Strategized for Future Litigation While Responding to a Government Investigation

Background & Challenges

A national hospital association was subject to a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation. 


BDO conducted all technical "pre-onsite" IT infrastructure assessments for each location involved, which allowed us to collect targeted electronically stored information (ESI) at each site from custodian workstations, email, and file server sources. The case also leveraged BDO’s proprietary Tristan Collection Tool to significantly reduce travel and business impact costs while preserving data unavailable during the initial collection exercise. BDO provided advanced analysis of the areas of spoliation and what user actions might have contributed to such spoliation. BDO extracted user-created data, provided reports to the case team, and processed the data for review in Relativity.

Client Impact 

BDO satisfied the client’s preservation obligations while minimizing the cost and business impact. This exercise also provided the client with a customized preservation strategy for future litigations.