How a Global Organization Gained Insight Into a Major Data Breach Event

Background & Challenges

A large global organization experienced a massive data breach from a network intrusion spanning several months resulting in potential exfiltration of hundreds of terabytes of personal information, intellectual property, and other sensitive data.


BDO delivered comprehensive incident response services including identifying suspected exfiltrated data; categorizing data to determine national and international notification requirements; extracting entity information and compiling a master entity list; hosting and reviewing data; and providing additional intelligence to the client and their counsel regarding downstream data privacy and security regulatory requirements.

Client Impact

Through a combination of robotic process automation, data analytics, and proprietary data triage workflows, BDO rapidly analyzed terabytes of source data, consolidated data elements, and extracted and normalized entity information to generate an initial master entity list prior to any human document review. This technology-driven approach provided rapid insight into the nature and scope of the data and notification obligations, enabling the client and their counsel to make informed decisions regarding prioritization and risk.