Data Ethics Part II: Handling Personal Data Responsibly

Ensuring Proper Protections are in Place when Sharing or Selling Personal Information

The use of data analytics to monitor user behavior is a tried and true marketing methodology. Ethical use of data is more pressing as new privacy laws in the U.S. become effective, like California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Maine’s Act to Protect the Privacy of Online Consumer Information, New York’s Privacy Act, and Nevada’s internet privacy amendment (SB220).

The first part of this series provided ethical guidance around data protection and privacy by outlining a four principle Data Ethics Framework:

  • Clearly define the project and its benefits
  • Use data proportionate to the project
  • Understand the limitations of the data
  • Develop a transparent program that holds the company accountable for the use of data

The second part of this series seeks to demonstrate how companies can use the Framework to ethically monitor behaviors, target individual users, and use geo-locations to target buyers while ensuring that consumers or individuals are not discriminated.  To learn more, please download our insight.