Cyber Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing – Tools, Techniques & Best Practices

Cyber-attacks and their success rate in network breaches are increasing in frequency and sophistication. At the root of many successful cyber-attacks are the vulnerabilities that exist within network infrastructure, software applications and the very humans that use those networks and applications. The human element of cybersecurity deals with normal human interactions through email and social media (e.g., vulnerabilities such as email phishing, LinkedIn and Facebook hacking, etc.), and general cybersecurity awareness and good cyber hygiene (e.g., proper use of USB memory devices, remote connections and weak passwords). These vulnerabilities are best addressed through email phishing campaigns to identify gaps in organizational policies and lack of associated email-related security infrastructure, and overall security awareness training.
To learn more about vulnerabilities associated with network infrastructure and software applications, please review our latest excerpt from Cybersecurity in the Digital Age.