BDO’s Kelly Johnson: 5 Productivity Killers —And How to Slay Them

If you feel that business is harder today, you’re not alone. In addition to rising regulatory obligations and relentless technological change, the ability to attract and retain top talent has never been more difficult. To compete and thrive in this environment, businesses need to optimize their finance and accounting practices, and that means tackling challenges that lurk in nearly every enterprise.BDO’s Kelly Johnson shares her best tips on how to defeat productivity killers.

BDO’s Kelly Johnson shares her best tips on how to defeat productivity killers that plague many finance and accounting departments—and how to fix them.



Failure to Delegate
Make sure you have the right team in place


Viewing Financial Data Through a Reactive Lens
Stop reacting and get “real” (time)


Not Harnessing Analytics and the Cloud
Don’t let inertia put you at a competitive disadvantage


Overlooking Existing Capabilities
Know what you don’t know” about your existing tools


Not Documenting Processes
Create processes that pull it all together