BDO’s 2018 FraudTrack Report

BDO’s 2018 FraudTrack Report


BDO’s 2018 FraudTrack Report looks at trends in the data across the UK - where are the regional hotspots for fraud this year, and what does that mean for the UK as a whole? Why are some sector groups, such as retail and financial services, seemingly easy targets?
Our headline findings:

  • The total value of fraud in the UK has risen 538% to £2.11bn in the last 15 years and is up 6.5% from £1.99bn in 2016

  • The three most common types of fraud in 2017 were employee fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering

  • After London and the South East, the Midlands experienced the highest levels of fraud

  • Fraud in the financial services sector increased dramatically in 2017 rising 318% to just under £900m

  • We witnessed other dramatic increases in the public administration, charity, and retail sectors.

Fraud happens, and the keys to challenging and being vigilant against it are down to us as individuals. Today, there are more resources than ever available in the fight against fraud.

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This report was originally published by BDO UK.