BDO's Kelly Johnson: Data Can Help You Survive a Downturn

An offering from BDO’s Business Services & Outsourcing Team

Our annual Optimizing Operations Webinar Series serves to provide business executives and finance and accounting professionals with the ability to enhance efficiencies, utilize the power of data and optimize their finance and accounting functions.


Power Growth…Through a Downturn

With the looming possibility of a recession, simply keeping afloat is top of mind for many companies. In this report, we explore the steps that businesses can take now to not just survive, but thrive during a possible downturn and the years to follow.

Additional insights include:

  • The Case for Progress: How Standing Still Could Cost Your Business
    While a time of uncertainty may seem like the wrong time to think about innovation, a proactive approach can prepare you no matter which way the tides turn.              

  • The Power of Data: Using Analytics to Drive You Through the Next Downturn
    Organizations can harness data as an asset to create profitable growth, even through an impending recession.

  • Scoring Profitability Points: Applying the 80/20 Rule Ahead of a Recession 
    More business doesn’t always mean more profits, that is, according to The Pareto Principle. Learn how to apply it to ensure preparedness for any transition that comes your way.