BDO Recognizes Cybersecurity Awareness Month

As digital transformation becomes a central component of business strategy, companies will find themselves having to enact a threat-based cybersecurity approach to keep pace. Threat-based cybersecurity is a forward-looking, predictive approach. Gone are the days of focusing solely on protecting critical data assets or following the basic script of a generic cyber program. While of course those areas are important, threat-based cybersecurity takes risk management to the next level by also concentrating on investments in the most likely risk areas and attack vectors based on an organization’s unique threat profile (instead of focusing only on a company’s industry, geography, and/or revenue size). Threat-based cybersecurity approaches go hand in hand with innovation, as security serves as the backbone to digital transformation—and can even be an innovation catalyst.

This October, as BDO recognizes National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we strongly encourage you to evaluate your organization’s cybersecurity posture. While cybersecurity remains top of mind for boards and C-level executives, organizations now need to pivot to identifying an effective and innovative strategy to avoid falling victim to cyber criminals. BDO offers comprehensive cybersecurity services, and can help protect your organization from cyber threats.



BDO’s Fall 2019 Cyber Threat Report: Focus on Healthcare

The global healthcare industry is different from many other industries and faces some unique challenges, because it directly affects human life.

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Building a Digital Transformation Strategy

The human spine is a remarkable feat of evolutionary engineering: 33 individual bones cushioned with fibrocartilage discs, bound together by interlocking joints and ligaments and connected to muscle by tendons. It’s a delicate balance between the rigid structure needed to support upright movement, the strength to protect sensitive nervous tissue, the insulation to absorb mechanical impact and the flexibility to bend and reach.

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2020 Cybersecurity Guidelines for C-Suite Executives

Cyber-attacks arguably pose the single biggest modern threat to businesses. The number of cyber-attacks, their level of sophistication, and the financial and reputational impact they have all continue to increase at an alarming rate. 

Learn about the top ten cybersecurity challenges C-level executives are facing, and how a threat-based cybersecurity approach can combat cyber-attacks and mitigate costly cyber data breaches in this insight.

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[Webinar] Brace for the Breach: Proactive Cybersecurity Management with Payment Card Industry Compliance

With increasing access to sensitive data, companies, particularly those in the retail, banking, and healthcare industries continue to be prime targets for cyber-attacks.  Reliance on the internet, connectivity to suppliers and vendors, and multiple methods of purchasing products has evolved, and it has also opened the door to ample vulnerabilities for cybercriminals to exploit. 

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[Webinar] Oil & Gas Cybersecurity In The Age of Digital Transformation

Join us for an informative and engaging discussion with leaders from BDO USA as we review the most critical elements of cyberattacks facing the oil and gas industry and steps energy producers can take to mitigate cyber risk exposure.

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