BDO Helps Global Manufacturer Expand Resilience Through Platform Integration

Top 3 Areas of Impact


$2.5 million in annual savings.


Program expanded to 80 countries with more than 5,500 users.


250+ factories, offices, labs, and warehouses engaged.


Learn how BDO helped a global food manufacturer expand its resilience programs around the world while identifying cost-saving opportunities.


A global food manufacturer with six resilience programs was struggling to align disparate systems and siloed data. Each program was governed independently with its own policies, requirements, and technologies (e.g., Microsoft Word, Microsoft SharePoint, home-grown portals, etc.). That meant that 5,000 users across 300 sites globally were being asked to perform similar, and in some cases duplicative, tasks on different timetables and within different technology platforms. 

This reality made program compliance challenging and the programs impossible to scale, particularly as the business grew. It also meant that collected data could not be effectively acted upon or correlated in any way; subsequently the organization was unable to draw insights across programs. The client needed assistance bringing all these elements together but didn’t know where to start.


By working with organizational leadership, we were able to create a vision that aligned with key resilience goals while providing a glimpse into the full capability of what their new user experience would look like.

Jeremy Stynes
Managing Director