2020 Digital Transformation Survey: Data Privacy Takeaways

The intersection of digital transformation and data privacy will be critical for middle market organizations as they continue to expand their digital capabilities. Data privacy is no longer an amorphous concept or aspirational goal – it is a firm legal obligation with compliance requirements set out in current legislation. Privacy continues to be a focus in future legislation, especially as new technology for contact tracing and wellness apps is leveraged in the fight against COVID-19.
How can middle market businesses stay ahead of these changes? BDO tackled this question in the 2020 Digital Transformation Survey, which surveyed 600 middle market C-suite executives. The survey found that 100% of respondents had already developed or were planning to develop a digital transformation strategy, but practices for data privacy varied.
Our 2020 Digital Transformation Survey revealed many significant trends and our latest report identifies five key takeaways for C-suite executives to consider.