• Actuarial & Insurance Data Analysis

Analyzing data. Maximizing value.

Data is one of insurance companies’ most valuable assets. It provides insight into client risk. It enables insurers to make better business decisions. But for too many insurers, data assets are trapped in a range of disparate legacy systems – accessible, but not yet usable.
BDO’s Insurance Advisory Services Practice provides a wide range of actuarial services, predictive modeling, data management, and machine learning tools to help insurance companies make informed decisions across virtually all areas of business.
Our comprehensive services are built on deep industry experience and utilize the robust data analytics and data visualization capabilities of BDO’s Forensic Technology Services Practice. Our risk and capital management services include practical modeling solutions that provide maximum insight into each client’s unique risks.

Risk & Capital Management
  • Loss Scenario Aggregation
  • Risk & Capital Allocation
  • Emerging Claims Risk
  • Fraud Detection 
Transformation Tools
  • Underwriting Dashboards
  • Claims Management Triage
  • Target Market Identification