Uncovering Risks in a Dataset: How Custom Analytics Helped Enhance Quality, Drive Efficiency

Top 3 Areas of Impact

Analysis of 160+ operating units, easing the burden of manual processes 

Higher quality, more targeted audit procedures for greater efficiency

Better purview into areas of risk = More concise questions of the client


Learn how BDO worked with an insurance broker to provide a more streamlined, targeted approach to their audit using custom risk assessment procedures.


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The client maintains a large amount of data at multiple locations.  This data needed to be aggregated, standardized, and analyzed in order to fully assess financial statement risks and to inform the audit approach.


The custom risk assessment data analytics allowed our engagement team to use a large amount of data that would not have been supported by excel and visualize trends occurring in the Company’s operating units. This analysis helped us support our risk assessment and plan a more effective and efficient audit.